tom price


Torchwood Actor, and stand up comic.


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2297 days ago



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cherryowen 2285 days ago

It looks good:p....I likes it very much. xx

pottoka 2296 days ago

Looking good! (As always. Though I love your hair when it's all curly and mad!)

v23474 2296 days ago

Hi Tom, very cute LOL ! Hair and expression !

NoodleMara 2297 days ago

That's not so bad! :o Stop worrying!
Expression = XD!

KnitChick1979 2297 days ago

Looks good! Love your expression :D

Teambarrowman 2297 days ago

Loving the hair Tom :)

imagine4056 2297 days ago

I like it :)

cica_cariad 2297 days ago

That's not bad:) It could be worse.

Cen_Evans 2297 days ago

Lol, looks nice!

HanSparkle86 2297 days ago

Nice hair Tom ;)

janto76 2297 days ago

Likin the hair, very... spiky!

evil_cackle 2297 days ago

i agree with (re: ruffling the right side); apart from that it looks fine ...?

hab318princess 2297 days ago

see it positive, you're not bald or grey ! (though smiling may help)

insimonated 2297 days ago

Still pretty as a picture.

etmuse 2297 days ago

Very nice - and definitely an improvement on the last one ;)

hope2259 2297 days ago

Looks very stylish to me! :-)

sabiryn 2297 days ago

Looks fine to me! Such a fuss for nothing :)

jojobananaface 2297 days ago

i like your curtains. your curtains are nice... and your bookshelf... lovely.

twizzle_eeyore 2297 days ago

Very nice! Looking good

thj4jb1 2297 days ago

love the hair!!! Your looking good x