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2567 days ago


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mranglin 2561 days ago

i love these jerseys!
even though it's different, i really like the rip city white ones, too.
go blazers!

bjforsythe 2567 days ago

Like most everyone else I've seen post today, I like the red ones but am not sold on the "Rip City" whites. I'll need to see them in action before I'll make up my mind.

weav_luvs_rnf 2567 days ago

Both are way cool...I wish they were our permenant uni's, not just special ones.

DanCDoughty 2567 days ago

Well that sucks. Half my post died.

DanCDoughty 2567 days ago

The "rip city" ones, while not atrocious, seem to resemble the warm-ups that Todd Bosma would wear during the in-game entertainment skits. I like the Red uniforms, and actually think they should go to that as the regular road uniforms instead of occasiona

monique1770 2567 days ago

I am loving them! The ripcity jersey should have blazers on them but other than that, very nice!!

topherwinn 2567 days ago

WOW.... Portland's unis have always been awesome. And I am happy about the hardwood classic but what the hell is this ripcity jersey. Very sad that they are going to wear this in a game. Good marketing for a fun jersey to sell to fans, but for a game I

Ron_JeremyJQ 2567 days ago

They should have put Portland on the White jersey.

tim_giles 2567 days ago

Diggin the Rip City one. That's awesome.

723YEEEEUUUP 2567 days ago

side panels should be switched vice versa.

jksnake99 2567 days ago

I like the red one for an occasional throwback night. Please, please, please don't use the "rip city" one for a real game.

lukearnott 2567 days ago

Yeah, the Rip City jersey is pretty lame

12shoes 2567 days ago

Those are sick. Are they going to come out for the 09-10 season?

kkivett 2567 days ago

Perhaps the ugliest uniforms I've seen. "Rip City" has no business being on an official game jersey. Are the Timbers going to put "Gooooooaaaaaalll!" on their jerseys? Don't mean to be negative, but these are lame. Sorry...

flamingatheist 2567 days ago

Loving the throwback look.