@EU STOP paying massacre in #Romania !! Botosani vet, Cristian Pancu, who - assisted by his drunken helpers - killed 211 healthy dogs in the public shelter of Botosani during the night from 11th of March, 2011, now builds his own private veterinary clinic in Cismea, near Rachiti.

According to an article published in 'Botosani News', the project, which has a value of 1,119,202 LEI is partly funded by the European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development.

According to this article 70% (783,440 LEI) come from EU funds.... meaning from the ordinary taxpayer in EU-countries. The engineer from Sweden. The farmer from France. The shopkeeper from Italy. From you... from me!

Please see article published in the Romanian news: http://botosaninews.ro/203965/administratie/medicul-veterinar-acuzat-de-uciderea-a-peste-200-de-caini-isi-face-clinica-veterinara/?t=Medicul+veterinar+acuzat+de+uciderea+a+peste+200+de+câini+îşi+face+clinică+veterinară


Botosani made national in international headlines on 11th of May, 2011, when the vet Cristian Petru Pancu, assisted by his drunken helpers, "managed" to kill 220 healthy dogs in 2 hours time.

Make no mistake because the above sentence contains the word 'vet': these dogs had not been euthanized by injection; these 220 healthy dogs had been slaughtered!

The volunteers who until then had fed the dogs at the municipal shelter every day, discovered them in the morning, in plastic bags, with blood everywhere.

Please see video, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrYt0JYk1FI

and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k8Kvk_LaTA

The vet who was responsible for the killing of the 220 dogs was later accused of intentional murder and another 15 people had been surveyed. The police doubted that he managed to make lethal injections to 220 dogs in two hours. "For an injection is needed ten minutes. The doctor therefore needed 2200 minutes ..."

'cnews.ro' later wrote that the massacre of Botosani was perhaps a 'pilot project' and that certain political forces had hoped to pass a law through parliament that allows the killing of shelter animals and that they wanted to see how society would react after application of the 'final solution'.

Although the investigators themselves said that it was impossible for one single vet to give lethal injections to 220 dogs in only 2 hours time, both the vet and the administration at that time, including former mayor Catalin Flutur, the director of the Department of Public Services and Sports, Florin Ghiorghita, and current Deputy Eugen Turcanu, were acquitted of charges.