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DietBob218 2189 days ago

What the hell is Dan Rather doing on the wall? and Jesse Ventura... "Child please!!"

therealmark33 2202 days ago

What's Stu Scott doing at the PTI office ?

mockingbird_13 2205 days ago

What? Is that Le Bastard back there? Why is he so happy?

russell3333 2206 days ago

I need to catch up on my Itunes episodes to see Lebatard. Hey, any plans to put the entire show on video ?

Robbie_Freeman 2206 days ago

lebatards great

juvengroovin 2206 days ago

haha, where is lebatards left hand???

Nuinitari 2206 days ago

Looks like my Tivo gets a rest today.

shk66 2206 days ago

Get that Lemieux had back on the show.

ByronNotBryon 2206 days ago

Look at Wilbon diligently working away, and then look at Lebatard's left han-- wait, where IS Lebatard's left hand?

larose717 2206 days ago

Need Bill Simmons as a guest host.

Rogue15 2206 days ago

Dan is easily my favorite substitute host

ryanswift 2206 days ago


Luaggz 2206 days ago

Who's cubicle is next to MW, looks like someone will be out the last week of August! This is like playing picture scavenger hunt, they're so much going on in this picture.

ricksharp917 2206 days ago

LeBatard has actually grown on me over time. Like a Fungus.

JamieSoldOut 2206 days ago

Maybe if TK was a Good golfer, it would be reasonable for how many "sick days" he's taken. What a tough job! =] Y.E. gave him hope maybe?

BryMoon 2206 days ago

LeBatard is on today? Hope there's no odds makers today lol!

dabul3169 2206 days ago

ahhaha that is so hilarious

waterwolf59 2206 days ago

They actually let him in the door!! I thought security would be much better than that.

IronMikeSharpe 2206 days ago


mkmiller2 2206 days ago

Is that TK's cubicle right next to Wilbon? Or does he get an office while Wilbon gets stuck in a cube across from LeBatard?