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early sunday morning work out. finally hit ideal body weight-now need more muscle mass 9 weeks left #1023

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2450 days ago

early sunday morning work out. finally hit ideal body weight-now need more muscle mass 9 weeks left #1023


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JazzAndChocolat 2444 days ago

Congrats! With so many different guidelines out there, which do you suggest to find ideal weight/body mass figures?

tbmartin35 2445 days ago

Have great admiration for you. Would like to have seen you as Surgeon General. I enjoy watching you and listening to what you have to say.

drsjs 2446 days ago

Hey doc, It doesn't look like you are working too hard, you need to work on your form

dodgegirl1030 2446 days ago

You look great for being in your 40's. I only wish I had the follow through like you.
I use to be in great shape, but that has changed over the years.

cesardp 2449 days ago

Muscle mass is what I need too. What would your diet be? help me out here doc! good luck with your goal!!

mightykingkorn 2449 days ago

You sir, are my hero.
Good luck to you in all your endevours.

ylp79 2449 days ago

Congratulations. You don't look in your 40's at all.

beamoore61 2449 days ago

Those weights don't look too heavy. Must be going for tone instead of bulk. Feel the burn!

wendow 2449 days ago

Look into the camera and smile.....even though it hurts ;-)

jgsingmeasong 2449 days ago

A new show for CNN - Working out with Dr. Gupta. :)

jmenchaca25 2449 days ago

How did you determine your ideal body weight?

happyjamaican 2450 days ago

Come on Dr. Gupta pump those irons. Almost to my goal

liangsjunkmail 2450 days ago

are you hiding a bag of chips right behind you?

abrahammm 2450 days ago

Not all but some.... I love fat!! :-D

abrahammm 2450 days ago

How does one know their ideal body weight? I have a pretty athletic build and am considered thin but I still feel like i am carrying extra weight. Perhaps it is just a matter of me cutting fat out of my diet

sandeepgopal 2450 days ago

Oh Listening to the Rocky IV Workout theme HELPS BIG TIME....

sandeepgopal 2450 days ago

Eye of the tiger Dr Gupta Eye of the tiger...............

cgallagher08 2450 days ago

I am a huge fan of yours Dr. Gupta! You have inspired me to start my own challenge. Please check it out at http://carolineshawaiichallenge.com

larapenny 2450 days ago

GREAT JOB!!! looking good :0) livestrong.com is helping me to get back down to my goal weight...