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Think I stand out like sore thumb in NYC?

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2571 days ago

Think I stand out like sore thumb in NYC?


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justinmoorelove 2352 days ago

yes kinda but yes

ddritzenhein 2457 days ago

Still Looking Too Cool

LesMarieT 2475 days ago

love it

jamesgirl09 2524 days ago

just a little bit.. lol but i would too.. :)

Jrz_Girl 2565 days ago

That's the beauty of NYC. Celebrities are left alone and not harassed for autographs, etc. Enjoy your time in The City!

R_WhiteWallis 2568 days ago

Kind of like the naked cowboy to me...sans the nakedness :) I.LOVE.NY,NY

Jrz_Girl 2570 days ago

No one stands out in NYC - that's one of the nice things about that city. Celebrities are treated like everyone else.

Radioactivelolo 2570 days ago

ya know, you wouldn't stand out so much if you just hung out with the naked cowboy. people would think your his apprentice or something... lol jk
i think you look awesome! screw NY. I like my slow moving life. :]

mullett08 2571 days ago

who cares if you stand out your still the best looking one there! and i bet your the only one in an outfit thats comfortable!

azhart1 2571 days ago

"...just send me to hell or New York City, it would be about the same to me..."

NealHale 2571 days ago

lol a cowboy around all the yankees

WyReba96 2571 days ago

jjk, good picture. They just know of that cowboy in his hat and underwear,haha.

WyReba96 2571 days ago

haha, NOPE, I think that gal is checking out your wranglers - haha

clcarr14 2571 days ago

No way...show'em the good ole American way

bRiAnA_kygirl 2571 days ago

NA, show em how us country folks do it down here!!!!! heck, i wouldnt wanna be in NYC.. lol
lookin good tho!! c:

redneck_woman03 2571 days ago

I just don't think country folks need to be that far away from home. Maybe you should start headin' south.

tanyatuckerfan 2571 days ago

lookin good to me,too!

LEIGH462 2571 days ago

Hey it's NYC - no one stands out!

Clemsonfan2009 2571 days ago

you lookin good to me

missindepndnt86 2571 days ago

No way, lookin mighty fine to me! :)