Holocaust in #Romania See concentration camp #Ploiesti with new HITLER Julian Badescu "Natural death" haunts shelters for dogs" Stray dogs in public shelters in Romania die dissidents during communism.
Ploiesti, for example, dogs die of "natural death" away from the cameras, any acquisition of images is prohibited local shelter. According to authorities, last year, 2,445 pound dogs captured by residents pay Ploiesti 1,370 heads, more than half died naturally while other quadrupeds 297 were euthanized.

This year, natural death, the so-called good death continues to strike the Ploiesti strays manage rendering: the period January to May 2014, 639 natural succumbed, out of a total of 1516 dogs captured. In the last two years, the rate of natural mortality among stray dogs of Ploiesti public shelter keeps a high pace, ranging between 56 percent and 42 percent of all four-legged captured. However, the local mayor assures us that the dogs eat well because the institution has "agreement with various hypermarkets and slaughterhouse by-products not intended for human consumption supplied" and that the shelter fully complies with the legal requirements.