The way #Romania treat animals!! The dog "is aggressive and he bites and we’re afraid to get close to him” ... and that’s how cruelty is born out of ignorance and carelessness.
At the end of the marathon, we were told there was a "chow-chow" on a chain and that there was some problem with his neck ... we knew what to expect so we went to find the house where we were told he might be.

The owners had previously sought help at a veterinarian in Gherla, but it was in vain though, because few veterinarians go to the trouble of treating “aggressive” dogs.

What you can see in the pictures, we saw live, some of us were sickened by the reality, some cried and others held him in their arms and helped pulling the chain out and even witnessed the surgery. As we expected, after the surgery the "aggressive" dog become a sweet one, enjoying the attention and care given to him.
We need help from you to cover the costs of his surgery and hospitalization and to take him into foster care for 1-2 weeks.

Of course we would love to find an adoption for him, in better conditions, but because of the lack of foster carers, there is little we can do in that respect. The owners want him back and they’ve already bought the materials needed to build him a pen. If there are people willing to help with the construction of the enclosure this weekend, please write to us.