The Holocaust in #Romania continues! Today the new Hitler Creţu Ovidiu Teodor from #Bistrita killed 14 dogs. The mother of 7 puppies too. With this HOLOCAUST Romania reach the highest level of insanity!!
 I have no words for this country... a country without lawn, barbarians still live in 2014 in Europe! This is an european nightmare!! 

There is a NOT KILLING LAW --->

Rotten to the core, Hitler was a pussycat compared to the imbeciles that run hell hole Romania!!

See what is going on in this uncivilized country!! Romania where evil leads!!

Romania the only country in Europe where Police protects the law breakers!! Civilizations have evolved to respect order contained within law... Now, imagine if you will, a society which has such laws but never enacts them: cosmetic, deceptive, anarchic! A country where there is no adherence to laws, resulting in volatility, anarchy and instability... in a European country.
There exists such a society! Not at the edge of civilization but by invitation, at the edge of the European Union. A Union where officials can freely invite but then declare that they have no controls... NO COMPETENCE. They invite and then, if issues occur, they declare that they are INCOMPETENT!