I was all set to bid & buy some of these rare In flight Magazines of Air New England today: 'Flying Your Way' - One issue even had a nice photo of one of their DC-3 planes flying above Brant Point on Nantucket Island. The price was nice - a lot of 9 issues from the late 70s & early 80s for $9.99 (+$5s&h). I booted up my computer an hour ahead of the ebay auction end time, but when I started Internet Explorer 15min ahead of time, the pages lost their format, and then wouldn't even navigate to any web pages. So, I tried Google Chrome and.. same problem. I did everything I could think of to quickly recover, but no cigar. It ended up being some spyware/tracking cookies that I was able to delete later, after a 10min quickscan. #Arrrgh #LiveandLearn #depressed #rawdeal :(