THIS happen in #Romania every day!! Responsible for this is the extremist NAZI group IREC, with leader Ana Maita!! A lady called us crying that in the city nearby soemthing terrible happened. There was a beautiful dog living on the streets for times and one day he was lying, sleeping near the street. She saw how a car was approching and when it came near it turned righ especiallyt and passed over the dog, then in few minuted, because she could react, the car turn back and it passed over the dog again, with intention.
It was a terrible imagine to see and woman was completely terrified.
She called Carmena and asked her support. The, she brought the dog to our shelter .
Poor dog, a huge one, so beautiful, had injuries all over but what was the most important and saddest is that he couldnt walk anymore. 

Now, veterinary investigations are made and we hope for the best. Photos and news will be updated. Anyone want to help this case please let us know.

The FB page from the IREC psychos!!

The mask of IREC: