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Alive The day the 'Sines' and the protests came to the festival



The Americans The Last Internationale today urged this on the Alive "protest" and to sing an excerpt from "Sines, Vila Morena" a cappella during the band concert, on the promenade of Boksburg, Oeiras public. 

"Let us protest, make noise against this Passos Coelho [Portuguese prime minister]," said Pires Edgey, mixing insults in Portuguese and English, during the performance of the band, which started by 19:10.

Edgey Pires Before addressing the audience, the singer, Delila Paz explained that on stage were two descendants of Portuguese: guitarist and bassist.

The band consists of Delila Paz, Edgey Pires and Brad Wilk, drummer of Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine, but on stage are presented also accompanied by a bassist.

An internet search reveals that allows Edgey Pires is the grandson of Portuguese Arcos de Valdevez.

In concert, still heard an excerpt from "Sines, Vila Morena" by Zeca Afonso theme, sung a cappella. Finally, the band chose a theme "on the May 1968".

Before intervening rock of The Last Internationale, and open the performances in Stage NOS, were the Portuguese The Vicious Five.

The band, who split in 2009 and this year released "Ghost Eviction", consisting of four songs recorded in the year of separation, used to review a short career for nearly two thousand fans who had gathered in front of the stage .

"We are old and tired, something we just" the singer told the audience, Hostels Joaquim, who apologized to the public "is being paternal", noting that his father was not long ago.

Stage performances in the Heineken tore at 17:00, with the soul of American Allen Stone, which was followed by the Spanish and Portuguese Russian Red For Pete Sake. In all three performances, the stage was never fill, but these artists were able to count on the support of loyal followers who formed the front of the stage.

At 19:30, but in Clubbing, played the D'Alva. The lead singer, Alex D'Alva Teixeira sang, danced and pulled by the general public, to many, filled the tent where the show stemmed from the band in May issued his debut album "# batequebate".

The concerts continue throughout the night, with bands like The Black Keys, MGMT, SBTRKT, Buraka Som Sistema We Trust and Caribou, among others...