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Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue


We are in desperate need of foster homes in both our Ohio and New York locations. Every foster home we have is full, with some fosters even having taken two (or more) animals because they don't want to see them turned away.

We are forced to turn away animals every single day, due only to the fact that no one has offered to share their home with them. For some of these animals, we were their last chance.

If you've ever considered fostering, please take the plunge and give it a shot. There are dogs whose very lives depend on it. We can place dogs of all sizes, ages, and types, and will work with you to choose a dog to bring into your home.

Fosters learn about dogs' personalities and preferences, and give them a stable, loving home while we find their forever homes. Our rescue covers all veterinary care and provides monthly preventatives, as well as food and training help if needed. Adoption events are held every weekend to introduce dogs to potential adopters.

Join us in saving lives, at www.louieslegacy.org/foster