10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh

Germans who were considered Barbarians did not invent any thing. German scholars had been visiting Indian civilization since 18th century after hearing about Indian civilization's wealth and science and tech knowledge through the British looters. Since Germans or Europeans in general had severe inferiority complex after coming out of so called dark ages for 1500 yrs, they wanted to distort Indian civilization's glorious history and misappropriate it. Some similarities to Indian language Sanskrit led to the invention of fake Aryan theory from the figment of Max Mueller's (German) imagination, who was hired by East India Company's real owners Rothschild German jews. We all know what this fake Aryan theory led to in the form of Hitler and World war II. (What an irony? Jews were targeted with their own fake Aryan theory by Hitler) lol 50 million people lost their lives. Germans just applied the science and technology discovered/Invented by the Fractal mindset of Brilliant Hindu/Indian Mathematicians, Astronomers, Metallurgists of the past 5000 yrs. Don't forget that Indians were the first to invent Iron and steel (rust free), first to invent spinning wheel technology and Indian civilization was the largest manufacturer and exporter of Iron and steel and textiles in the world until British looters came in 18th century who not only shifted both these technologies and made them as twin engines of so called Industrial revolution but also de-industrialized India for 200 yrs (10 generations) This reason, distortion of Indian history and replacement of flawless Sanskrit with a flawed English language and education system are the main reasons for current self-effacement and self - loathing attitude of stupid Indians Come on, Germans along with other Europeans did not even know how to count until Fibonacci introduced Indian numbers 0 to 9 in 1200 AD. Germans did not create vortex engine design out of thin air. They caught hold of India's ancient Vedic texts. The ion engine was first demonstrated by German-born NASA scientist Ernst Stuhlinger. The Vedic texts from colonized India were taken or stolen to Germany by Hermann Gundert The point is, western philosophies and religion never had it in them until Indian civilization was discovered. It led to misappropriation, absorption and digestion of everything that was valuable from the great Indian civilization.

Rudra S