"it doesn't matter, you're a wonderful person Hanako. Your body doesn't change that."
Today, July 10, is the birthday of Hanako Ikezawa from Katawa Shoujo #ks #katawashoujo

At a young age, Hanako Ikezawa had a traumatic experience that left her life in shambles. 
Her parents died when their home burned down in an accident, which also disfigured Hanako permanently and leaving her in an orphanage. She is extremely shy, shunning from most other people to the point of actually panicking from any social contact. Her only trusted schoolmate is Lilly, who has taken Hanako under her wing ever since the two were introduced to each other.

She is badly scarred on the right side of her body due to a house fire; she uses her long, dark purple hair to hide her face. Hanako developed extreme social anxiety in the years that followed the fire. She is extremely shy and only trusts a few people, which with whom she seems to relax and be comfortable. An honest girl, she believes in equality between friends, and highly values the few people she chooses to spend time with.
Raised for years in an orphanage, as one of the eldest, she familiarized herself with multiple hobbies including chess, reading, billiards and surprisingly, karaoke.

 Hanako's name can mean "flower child," or "flower girl." This can either be in contrast to Lilly's name or to exemplify her inner beauty