ATTENTION!! This happened in #Romania tolerated from #EU !! Tonight was an interesting night as the Bucharest Team was accompanied by camera teams from Antena1, Antena3, Realitatea TV, Romania TV and DigiTV. The dog catchers where accompanied and protected by the police!

See video:

12 cars/team participated in the "hunt" tonight.

We have not received all reports yet, but at, at least one occasion, the dog catchers could be stopped from taking dogs:

When the team tried to hinder the dog catchers from taking the dog in the picture that we have added, the police effectively protected them although they know very well that the law has been suspended and that ASPA's nightly actions are illegal - see post:

Another team member reported:

"On the Europe bridge, 2 dogcatchers cars (accompanied by local police with car B-130-PLB) have captured a dog, it was called 112 to 22.53, and the operator there said she did not care about the dogcatchers and to no longer call the 112 for something like this. [...] The dog was taken on private property.The three dogcatchers stole a dog on private property in the presence of police, local police, and the crews in the presence of televisions that have accompanied us. Although I have proven that the puppy has been stolen, the police failed to stop the catchers and have not led them to the unit. In this time the dog catchers cars are escorted to the shelter to leave catches. Of course there's no vet there."

We are waiting for the team to come online to tell us if Razvan Bancescu was there also tonight. After he had beaten some of the team members, including a women, one night ago, he made the headlines in all Romanian news yesterday, some of them biased and on his side, but also a few who reported the truth and showed the uncensored video showing him attacking peaceful people.

Please see:

Read more about the criminal entity that is ASPA and its dog catcher in chief, Razvan Bancescu at:

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Let it be known that ASPA offends the world community with its barbaric acts and anarchic disregard for the laws, which in any civilized society, must form the foundations upon which a society can claim the word ‘civilized’. Romania is failing and fellow Europeans are observing with dismay.

ASPA are now not only challenged simply by the people of Romania, international support is growing... OFA leads the way in declaring this support.

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