That's happened in #Romania tolerated from #EU !!  RAZVAN BANCESCU - The Danger walking the streets of Bucharest!
Romania is probably the only country in the entire world where dog catchers operate at night, like thieves... and where the head of THE Romanian authority in Bucharest for the management of stray dogs, working under direct order of mayor Sorin Oprescu - Razvan Bancescu (dog catcher in chief) - beats up peaceful people on the street, including an attempt to violently strike a woman.

So happened during the night from 8th of July, 2014 after Razvan Bancescu caused a traffic accident when he - apparently intentionally - cut the way off a car from the Bucharest Team that followed the dog catchers to document their nightly illegal actions. Not only did his ruthless action injure three people who had to be taken to hospital, but he beat up peaceful by-standers who asked questions.

How embarrassing for a European Government having to witness a senior figure in a position of responsibility having to be restrained by police. This must surely challenge his suitability for office and once again make a mockery of the Romanian authority's abilities to appoint and control, once this video is shown across the rest of the EU.

Please see video footage on our website:

It's always gratifying to see that those who are given powers of control which impacts on society, exhibit the unique attributes of reasoned actions and considered strategies in their decision-making processes... and retain respect and dignity throughout. Always gratifying to see... unfortunately absent here, though.

One wonders if the Romanian authorities have the dignity to be profoundly embarrassed by this man. The international community watches with bemusement as Romania continues to appoint Neanderthals to initiate and direct such processes.

Read more about the criminal entity that is ASPA and its dog catcher in chief, Razvan Bancescu at: