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2479 days ago


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angiekerry 2476 days ago

I agree hes totally HOT

danireyna 2477 days ago

He's Cute, He's Sweet, He's funny, He's SmaRt.. wats not to l0ve??
well the one and probably 0nly thing i'm not very fond of is the smoking.. i didn't know he smoked until tonight when the house guest were playing cards (B.S) and Jeff was outside smokin

indeeeey 2477 days ago

I would die to be in the same room with him....OMG....He makes me SMILE BIG!!!

llea59 2478 days ago

I want one

Sara_Elizzabeth 2478 days ago

ohh yeah!

_Jump_Then_Fall 2479 days ago

Thank-you and :) I was so mad I didn't see that part:) thanks for the fill-in!! :)

MizzTinkerbell5 2479 days ago

Damn he is so 13 and hes 31...what an age difference.

LyndsiLongpre 2479 days ago

He definitely is an attractive individual ;)

nicolewelkener 2479 days ago

The gray hair totally adds appeal. He's effing hot.

Tusha8 2479 days ago

Man Jeff is really HOTT!!!!!! :)

jacklyn_denise 2479 days ago

Thats when Russell yelled to the pool table at Jeff and told him everything Jordan had just said. i think Jeff saw that Jordan was embarrassed and asked her to marry him

dramaqueenteen 2479 days ago

... marry him. She said yes and said she wants a square cut diamond ring.

dramaqueenteen 2479 days ago

I LOVE YOU JEFF!!! Russell was asking Jordan if she thought of Jeff as a boyfriend, then when she said she might if he lived in Matthews, Russell told Jeff (who was playing pool while they were on the couch), Jeff asked Jordan if she would marry

jacklyn_denise 2479 days ago

It started by Russell asking Jordan if she liked Jeff as a boyfriend. Then he asked if she would date Jeff. Jordan said it would be a possiblity if he lived in her hometown but she is nervous about their age difference. Jordan is 22 and Jeff is 31. Thats

lisamarie10176 2479 days ago


jacklyn_denise 2479 days ago

He was playing pool and asked Jordan to marry him. She said she wants a square cut diamond and he said well, one of us better win then. It wasnt a romantic proposal or anything. Not sure if its 4 real.

tas21emc 2479 days ago

sooooooo sexi! to bad he is way to old for me!

twilights06 2479 days ago


_Jump_Then_Fall 2479 days ago

I love him!! So I was watching bb tonight and I missed one part and jeff said in the dr that Jordan accepted his proposal and he was happy... So what was his proposal?? Marriage?!?!?

LoveForeverKay 2479 days ago

He's 31 and I'm 20. Age is only a number LOL He's so hot!