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[VIDEO] The Last Internationale - 'Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Indian Blood' 



Meet the new project of drummer Rage Against The Machine Brad Plug-rock trio The Last Internationale, preaching weighted priblyuzovanny rock-n-roll with aggressive punk tinge.

Musician joined The Last Internationale (which included also includes the vocalist and guitarist Delilah Paz Edgy Payres) literally nothing else to do: RATM quite a while already no signs of life, and even go to retire early.

The Last Internationale
Percussion trio with place of residence in New York immediately attracted the attention of fans show their expressive in the best traditions of rock 'n Rol'shchikov old school. In 2013 they released their breakthrough debut EP «New York, I Do Mind Dying», after which they volunteered to take under his wing bosses Epic Records.

Debut album group «We Will Reign» will be released on Epic Records pathos August 19, 2014-th.

RATM school failed to fork and "internationalists" for nothing: the musicians actively exploited in his work ostroaktualnuyu social and political themes. One example is the track «Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Indian Blood», musicians released as the first single in support «We Will Reign».

The Last Internationale
By the way, in producing this longpleya involved none other than Tom Morello - one of the icons of modern "social" songs and former colleague Brad Fork by Rage Against The Machine.

Musician called The Last Internationale one of the "favorite teams from the new wave rock rebels" and characterizes their work as "an exciting mix of sensitive folk-rock and firepower of a battleship" Potemkin ".