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The Qupts of Egypt (Christian Egyptians) are not Nassara and do not like to be called Nassara. … The word Qupt derives its origin from the Greek “Egyptus” and has been adulterated through historic and geographic linguistic evolution as follows: Egyptus, Gyptus, Goptus, Gopt and “Qupt or Qopt.”

Christianity came to Egypt very early on during the mission of the Messiah Jesus Christ, and all early 1st Century Christian Egyptians were Unitarians. … Late 1st and second Century doctrinal corruption and the amalgamation of ancient Egyptian mythology; the Trinitarian doctrine of Osiris-Isis and Horus with Early Christian creed shaped the second century and later Christian Trinitarian Doctrine in Alexandria, at the time, it was the greatest venue for civilization on the face of the Earth, and the focal center and destination of all bearers of the beacons of learning and knowledge in the old world. 

Oxford University School of Divinity designates the Gospel of Saint Thomas, dismissed by modern day Christian Qupts, as heretic, as the first attempt to transmogrify Unitarian doctrine into the now established Trinitarian creed.


The Jews Time-Line is divided into Three Distinct Historical Eras; 1) The Bondage in Egypt, 2) The Holy land and 3) The 1st Diaspora … But the name or noun or adjective JEW was never applied until they actually entered the land of Judea & Samaria (Yahooda & Samera).

Twelve Tribes all in all, some of whom settled in Judea & Samaria in Central Palestine, and the remaining tribes conquered Northern Galilee with the main town known as Nazareth (Al-Nasserah), hence were known as the Nazarene (Nassara) hence Al-Yahood and Al-Nassara (in the Quran.)

(Note that there was also a village bearing the same name (Nazareth) Near Jerusalem in South Central Palestine, but that’s where the Jews after the 1st Diaspora referred to Jesus’s Birth Place to make him a Jew instead of a Nazarene!) or perhaps as Oxford School of Divinity, Dr. Michael Reed asserts, They had lost all knowledge of their own history.

Prior to entering the Holy Land, all the tribes had been referred to as The Children of Israel until Jesus made his mission known to them (to all the Children of Israel.) … The Jews, however, claim Jesus to be a Jew … He was not …… Jew means “Of Judea” … Jesus was an Emranite from the family lineage of Emran who in turn, were Nazarene dwelling in northern Galilee and not Jerusalem as the Jews would have us believe.

The New Testament of the Christian Bible refers to him as “Jesus of Nazareth.” … The Pharisees or the Scribes of the Jews dismissed all the tribes who had refused to settle in Judea and Samaria as apostate and did not accept them as “Jews.”, hence, the distinction between “Al-Yahood and Al-Nassara”, the modern term is Jews and Christians.

Initially, all the tribes of Israel settling in Nasserah (Nazareth), out of whom, the family of Emran descended, embraced Jesus’s message and constituted the Nasara, to whom the Quran refers. Whereas, the Jews (Al-Yahood) were the biggest tribes who had settled Judea & Samaria, to whom the Quran refers as Al- Yahood. 

You will notice that, before Jesus (Eisa), the Quran never referred to them as Al-Yahood … This came only after Jesus … 
Before Jesus, All of them had been referred to as “ Banee Israeel” (the Children of Israel.) فآمنت طاىفة من بنى إسراىيل وكفرت طاىفة … Meaning some tribes of Banee Israeel Embraced Jesus and the Jews rejected him (kafarat.)

It should be well worth noting that all the Jews belong to the Children of Israel ( Banee Israeel.) … But Not all the Children of Israel (Banee Israeel) are Jews.................