The #Palace of #Versailles is a royal chateau situated in Versailles, #France. It is also popularly known as Chateau de Versailles. Versailles used to be a country village when chateau was being constructed. It is today one of the richest area of Paris which is twenty kilometers south-west of France capital. The court of Versailles used to be the center of the main politics power of French government since 1682. Hence it has become the symbol of absolute monarchy of Ancient Regime...

Seven enfilade rooms are arranged with a unique configuration according to planets. Chapel was suspended with Salon de Diane, Salle was suspended with Salon de Mars, Antichambre was suspended with Salon de Mercure, Chambre was suspended with Salon de Apollon, Grand cabinet was suspended with Salon de Jupiter, Oratory was suspended with Salon de Saturn and last but not the least Petit Cabinet was suspended with Salon de Venus in the overall Grand Appartment Du Roi.

IN 1678, the Versailles Palace Hall of Mirrors was developed. Marie Leszczynska occupied the Salon of Peace which later became the music room. Nowadays the antichambre room is a theatre for Chateau which used to be the rooms for the King, Queen and royal family. Grand Cabinet was changed into the Salon des Nobles by Marie Antoinette and it act as a drawing room for formal guests. Chambre de la reine was once used to be the queen’s bedroom.

Le petit apartment du roi is a suite of rooms made for the usage of King. Similarly Le petit Apartment de la reine was designed for the use by Queen. The most popular room is the Hall of Mirrors or Galerie des Glaces. Many formal celebrations and ceremonies of the court of French used to be held here. The chapels that were built shows the finest and the most unique architecture of the past. L’Opera was designed to be the venue for wedding festivities of Louis XV’s grandson and was the most beautiful construction. Events are also held at the gardens of Versailles.

Al Stewart who is a popular singer also released one of his album with the song “the Palace of Versailles’ which became the reason for the increasing number of tourists.