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im just a man with the gift of song. my music is one small step for me, one giant leap for all wierdkind

i just want a gurl i can buy BAPE for :)

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2110 days ago

i just want a gurl i can buy BAPE for :)


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TajReese 1854 days ago

i used to be a giiirrrrrrl lmao

FlorieFlocka 2085 days ago

im super late on this but umm...i dont even want BAPE you could just buy me American Apparel?

LadyLoveBomb 2091 days ago

you can always buy bape for me :)

raenaSays 2092 days ago

Aww.. this is so sweet! X__X

raenaSays 2092 days ago

Aww.. that's too sweet! x_x

theeonlyMRS 2107 days ago

cute (=

missphatsuga 2108 days ago

DAAAMN, i love BAPE!!!!

l2pointohh 2108 days ago

dope tee. reminds me of the toons from gorillaz dare vid.

06Sunshine 2109 days ago

LoL! love these fans, "I'll be your bape baby!" It's cool. Cute shirt tho, I like BAPE's.

ashmaraissmart 2109 days ago

Don't worry about finding a girl to buy bape for just try to find one who appreciates u when u don't.

iMEECE 2109 days ago

I can be ur gurl cause I like bathing ape's :)

BreezyFashion24 2110 days ago

haha cudi u funny.. u know i wear a small, knock it off!!

thomasfortune 2110 days ago

haha doood u got all these girls beggin for u!!!!!

bossyma 2110 days ago

jocelinjae 2110 days ago

Size small plzzz

MarquiRayshel 2110 days ago

minstrel monkey. bamboozled bape.

1meeks 2110 days ago

Haha u will soon !!! Don't even trip!

auralOPTICS 2110 days ago

awww :)

robobrittt 2110 days ago

awe,thats a killer shirtt ^-^. these girls are funny.

mirasol369 2110 days ago

im right here:)))