Why should I fear the unrevealed? অচেনাকে ভয় কি আমার ওরে Auchena ke bhoy ki amar ore (audio: Srikanta Acharya) Why should I fear the unrevealed? Life fulls with richness By embracing strange frontiers I have long sensed That I will endlessly unfold secrets, That nameless forces Will incite me on unbeaten trails My mother was once a stranger to me, She held me to her heart, and I knew. So is every love a secret, Before it floods; It is a faith that softens my heart Exposed to the mysteries of this world, My soul breaks into countless tunes. So I exist, endlessly enamored, Drunkenly dazed with my unknown life (Another version by Rumela Sengupta:) What fear have I of the unknown? My life will attain fruition As the unknown becomes the known I know this knowing of mine will never end It will pull me to paths less travelled With an unseen unknown force Unknown was the mother who took me in her lap All love is but unknown and thus sways the heart Amidst the soul of this world unknown, Sin