Thank You for Waking Me to a New Day! Today I Focus on Listening. Most of us have been Gifted with the Ability to Hear, but few of us have taken Hearing and Refined it into the Art of Listening. We tend to be Defensive when we Hear. Most of the time we’re Expecting people to Say things that Fit into our Categories so we’re really not as Open to hearing what they’re saying as we could be. You Reflect or Mirror back to the Person what you Hear, Leaving your own Feelings and Opinions out of the Listening Process. Good Listeners think about Concepts and Attitudes and Overlook some things that are Said that really Don't Matter. By Truly Listening You can make a Better Response.  Instead of Listening for "Just the Facts," Good Listeners Seek to Understand the Person's ideas instead of Concentrating on individual Details. GOD I Appreciate this New Day!!! 

Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!