Tourists should BOYCOTT #Malaysia !! This, ladies and gentleman, is the truth behind dog-catching, and most unfortunately, the harsh truth. This is what happens when abusers rule. Humans are regarded as the smartest living beings as we have the ability to think rationally. But then again, is this any evidence at all of such an ability? Who ever gave us the right to decide how our fellow living creatures should be treated? What makes us more exclusive than them? Do we really get to ill treat animals and get away with it? People of the world, Please Stand up, against the brutal local council in Malaysia!! Stand up against abusers!! This is totally unacceptable!! Please, stand up for what's right and sign the petitions.

Malaysian stray dog fights for life, strong animal welfare laws needed urgently !! most Malaysians and stray animals are in danger most of the time. Independent rescue groups are constantly striving to promote “Catch, Neuter, Release/Rehome, Manage” programs, but their proposals always fall on deaf ears. There are often cases of animal abuse found in the local papers, such as the most recent case in which the local council Strangled to death a dog during his capture..(see pictured link)

Malaysian Local Councils have been for years killing strays this way and we can't even put it in words how of suffering each dog has been going through. MPKJ is the local council in this video and they say the government is paying them to do so.

*"The Barbaric Reality Of Strays In Malaysia

*"Malaysia's Brutal Way Getting Rid Of Strays"

*"Stray Dogs On Death Row" 21st Sept. 2013 (Malaysia)

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Back in 2011,The local municipal council went into a house and killed a family dog in front of the owner and his children just because the dog did not have a license!! Another example from 2011: Nine stray dogs that were shot, some beheaded, and then dumped at a rubbish site. When questioned, the authorities told reporters that they will sometimes decapitate the animals to test for rabies. Videos of other recent animal abuse cases in Malaysia can be seen here:

✦Animal welfare advocates in Malaysia urge people around the world to come forward to pressure the Malaysian government to encourage more stringent rules when handling animals. They would like to work along with the authorities to reduce the population of strays in the most humane way possible through "Catch, Neuter, Release/Rehome, Manage". If you would like to express your outrage at the way animals are treated in Malaysia and urge authorities to make more stringent laws, you can sign & share the above petitions widely !
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