My workstation.  I found some postcards that I picked-up in Paris & they asked me to bring them out of the shoebox, so that's what I did.... Messy desk right now & depending what I have going on, I have to sometimes get left-handed with my mouse on it's lambskin mousepad that I have been using ever since I went to an optical mouse several years ago... I know it looks mainegy, but it works and since I do things by touch, when I selected it, it felt the most right.... One should always go by intuition, I try to do that & sometimes I am wrong, but in the same sense, I always bring God / (the Creator ) in whatever I do, so even when I am wrong, if the Creator is there, everything will be fine .... Wait, it's not sounding like a Facebook post, oh yhea, that's right, I don't go there as much anymore.... This Youtube link has nothing to do with this post, but yes I guess it does since I am listening to it, so I am sharing it, because it's a great #YOUTUBE #PLAYLIST  

By the way, originally this post was to be about the secret in the Mona Lisa's eyes, I can see it, now I am at Francis, EVANGELII GAUDIUM because I do everything in a circle... So I see all of the connections, or at least I think that I do, & isn't that good enough ? ! ? ! ?     .....   ;P