Jeremy Clarkson


I am a presenter on the BBC2 motoring show,Top Gear.

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431 days ago

this is my statement.


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matlin 372 days ago

You're not even close to saying the word.
But people do enjoy complaining about your antics. ;)

fujicars 406 days ago

about 3 hundred billion fans in 5 million different countries adore you and know you're UNRACIST

REALAndyGibson 416 days ago

You're still rubbish.

Aroi_pujoi 417 days ago

Stop being so oversensitive....

ZavornicVlad 421 days ago

so freedom of speech meens NOTHING any more...are we allowed to think i wonder.....

TheAllbrother 422 days ago

God, you brits caught the american virus. Words are not racist! Mumbles even less.Intent matters

SirGalahadT 425 days ago


He didn't use the word abusively.

It's just a rhyme, in which he avoided the word itself

J0NYME 426 days ago

reasonable proof that he did use the word and- He is a worldwide favorite presenter to many people. Including me. So like this to keep Clarkson!!

J0NYME 426 days ago

for the show 'TopGear', He did say that he made it apparent that he didn't use the word and that most importantly, he didn't want it to be used in the final episode. Jeremy's humor is occasionally 'offensive' in a joking way but this time there is not rea

J0NYME 426 days ago

Jeremy is a humorous, entertaining celebrity. His ways of expressing his views are unique and entertaining. Clarkson wouldn't deliberately try to make someone upset for no good reason. In this case, he was said to have 'used the 'N' word in filming a take

KevTomlinson 428 days ago

I wonder if I can I claim the time I spent on this non-issue back from that chip paper tabloid?

TACDetective 428 days ago

So is the theft of the footage of Clarkson not saying something being investigated?

stefanodivona 428 days ago

They are destroying a brilliant man and a fantastic show! Top gear cannot exist without Jeremy !