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1992 days ago


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j_schools 1989 days ago

still can't believe they gave her the pink dye so she'd wear the unitard, so wrong

rockrchick96 1991 days ago

i think the pink looks good

BrunetteBandit8 1991 days ago

No surprise there!

gwoman1 1992 days ago

What more can she do to draw attention to herself, I feel sorry for her. How desperate can a person be????

Jenn_M_Brown 1992 days ago

I love how Natalie and Lydia are BFF's now. WTF? When (and HOW) did THAT happen?

steelerfan2002 1992 days ago

she is sooo weird!

venny_tx_1989 1992 days ago

look kevin is stll in their BITCH! ha! and natalesbian looks like mickey mouse! lydiot is such an idiot! haha!!

venny_tx_1989 1992 days ago

she now looks like a treasure troll! lol

kimebeling 1992 days ago

can't believe that they reward bad behavior with pink hair dye!

blondeshel 1992 days ago

James, is that you. Oh my mistake its only Lydia...why am I humming a Boy George song. Karma,karma karma ch...LOL

HelloKittyPink 1992 days ago

She is the one who is PSYCHO!!!!!!

peaceloveari 1992 days ago

Where did she get the pink dye from? Was is a dare or some kind of competition thing?

kflkaroon 1992 days ago

HAHA - are those horns growing from Scrappy-do's do??

_peen_ 1992 days ago

hopefully there is some Prozac in that hair dye and will sink into her fucked up brain to calm her hahaaahaaaa #bb11

FullofGiggles 1992 days ago

oh yes, finally we won't have to look at those nasty roots :) :)

KrisiTJ 1992 days ago

What ever makes you feel better about this girl. lol

jennia02 1992 days ago

haha!!!!!!!! they suck thats why they lost!!!!!!