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bass player of the rock group, my chemical romance

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@eatchildrenz "use keys to unlock doors"

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1801 days ago

"use keys to unlock doors"


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like9Zombies 1740 days ago

Elf needs food badly!

xoholliegee 1783 days ago

Gauntlet? Only The Best Game Ever.

gerard_luverMCR 1785 days ago

i bet its mikey .vs. gerard !! right??

harleyquinnz2 1789 days ago

that's awesome :D

taco_zombie 1789 days ago

chiloso :D :L

MySandyRomance 1789 days ago

i think its a toshiba! 'cause it looks kinda like mine...

michealm1979 1790 days ago

Gauntlet rulez man, wish they would do a PC remake in full 3D side scroll, that would be the l337n3ss

iluvmikeyjway 1792 days ago


lenahh 1795 days ago

Naaaaaaah, it's life;

durivou 1795 days ago

Oh I love that game...

annelynxx 1796 days ago


WakeXXTheXXDead 1796 days ago

nice t.v is it a samsung?

FrankieRunge 1796 days ago

...I'll get killed for this, I know, but... *clears throat* ''ZELDA?!''

xotrousdale 1797 days ago

OMFG. I pwn at that game. Challenge?

TFS_Felix 1798 days ago

Gauntlet is the shit. Of course you play as the ELF, hahah. I'd play Gauntlet on Xbox live with you, but I call the Wizard.

merci4levenin 1798 days ago


merci4levenin 1798 days ago

(c)1985 ATARI GAMES. thats old lol

ImaSonOfaGun 1798 days ago

Old School Games PWN.....I Actually Said PWN....Im Officially A Nerd :D

Kikiki0624 1798 days ago

wow i want to play you are so lucky

xXMyKhemRocksXx 1798 days ago

whoa! that looks alot like my living room...
Your such a nerd!