I #believe there is an inborn impulse for us to let the driving power of # love flow freely intuitively and creatively ... not using the head but the heart which is total conscciousness .. wanting nothing in return but to fulfill the Purpose of Life which is to love and also be open to letting others love you in return resulting in the full flow of love ...by allowing that there is a connectedness to all of humanity . Amen. somehow the Leaders have lost that along the way and are trying to isolate us from each other but the Heart cannot lose .. it is filled with a Light and Hope that gives freely when the Ego which sits in front of it is reduced to a pea... thus the heart door can open and sun can shine on it ..for pure peace is attained from the offering of oneself and pure joy and love . I believe in joy daily and God willl flow thru me and show me where I need to be "used" for His Glory... God bless you all xoxoxoxo