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[VIDEO] Disillusioned Syrian fighter shares his story in ‘selfie’ video 


Abu Khaled is a rebel in the Free Syrian Army (FSA). After fighting in the backstreets of old Homs, he is now on the Hoch Hijo front just four kilometres away from the besieged city, where he continues to fight against the troops of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He sent us this video in which he shares his experience as a fighter and reveals his deep despair. 

Homs, formerly the epicentre of the Syrian rebellion, has now been under siege by the Syrian army for months. The loyalist forces have managed to take back the city’s main avenues and most of its neighbourhoods. Most civilians have fled the areas still held by the rebels, and the “loyalist” areas are regularly targeted by rebel artillery and car bombs. Nonetheless, the regime is gaining ground and slowly closing in on the rebel neighbourhoods, progressing street by street and building by building in old Homs, much of which has been reduced to rubble...