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2669 days ago


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twins15 2665 days ago

So happy not to hear that CRAZY LAUGH. Was the worse noise in the house//////////////

erica_cooper09 2666 days ago

Haha. Sooo glad she got kicked outt! I Hated her stupid ass laugh!

erica_cooper09 2666 days ago

Haha. Sooo glad she got kicked outt! I Hated her stupid ass laugh!

EmelyCuellar 2666 days ago

i still dnt know what happened to her? :|

rioabdulf 2667 days ago

Absolutely ecstatic i done have to anymore see: 1.her huge ugly forehead, 2. her gigantic medusa hair, 3. Her obnoxious laugh, 4. The way she talks, which irritates the hell out of me, 5. Her racist comments she's a real racist..!, and most of all I'm soo

rockrchick96 2668 days ago

if only it were true

quik2water 2668 days ago

Cha Cha Chia you sure were right! Karma comes back to bite you in the ass!!! YOU!!! hhahahaha

LilMissKris_10 2668 days ago

Bahahahaah finally!!! She's goneee!!!!

janb1107 2668 days ago

Thank god she is gone! But how will the producers ever be able to run the show without her when she thought she was in charge of it.

becki17745 2668 days ago

GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD!!! DING DONG THE BITCH IS DEAD!!! I HATED HER!!! I LOVE BB but she made it hard to like it with her in the house!!! She actually quit though...BB didn't evict her. They're talking about it on the live feeds how she quit th

ValerieCarney 2668 days ago

She had to go! To play the game with venom is one thing but to personally attack folks with the fire spewing from her HUGE mouth is, JUST WRONG! I say, I say, I say son... GOOD RIDDANCE!

gwoman1 2669 days ago

What a crackpot!!!!

gwoman1 2669 days ago

Thank God!!!!!!! She was getting on my last nerve.

steelerfan2002 2669 days ago

what a bitch i am so glad she is gone!

AmazedByRobsten 2669 days ago

Thank God.

gingerkiller 2669 days ago

Weave come a long way baby, and now it's time to weave us alone. #bb11

RoxieVelma 2669 days ago

RIP #chimasweave. You gave all the #bb11 fans so much to talk about. Finally something on BB that involves Chima to be excited about.

icrazycanuck 2669 days ago


gennybec 2669 days ago

For someone that has a natural beauty and to have been through what she has, her attitude and behavior was a total disgrace to all women, black white, asian, hispanic. She had a platform to really set an example as a survivor and instead proved to be a to

FullofGiggles 2669 days ago

I'm so happy she's gone, no more shinny forhead blinding you, and her laugh... that made you want to throw the tv out the window. I'm happy now :) Thank you CBS !!!! THANK YOU very much!