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Beetle-mania !

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1993 days ago

Beetle-mania !


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seabisquick 1992 days ago

I hope yours is the blue one. It's pretty.

indytim 1992 days ago

That looks like some kind of District 9 promotional game!

fledgling71 1992 days ago

that looks fantastic!.... who won?

imagine4056 1993 days ago

Haha, wow, that looks really fun!!

ryokoife 1993 days ago

Do you know Blue one is called "kuwagata mushi" + Yellow one is called "kabuto mushi" :D

emikun 1993 days ago

Gear, man.

carolita2 1993 days ago

That's fab!!!! Wonderful father/ son thing to do!

_DanWest 1993 days ago

nice stuff! looking good

kohsamui14 1993 days ago

and where are they from? can i get my grubby mitts on a set by dec 25th?

vivsonline 1993 days ago

Wheres the affix glue ?

NotSoIrish 1993 days ago

I thought they'd be alot bigger tbh...

pinkypat 1993 days ago

Im with the yellow one to win. Mean lookin plastic things

joanna_jane 1993 days ago where did you get these? please tell me there is some way to buy these off the intarwebs?

Curlup 1993 days ago

I am impressed with all the tools in the background :O)

oddshoes 1993 days ago

I've got my money on the blue one. Look at how menacing he looks.

pinktank1 1993 days ago

We thought you were in Florida, not Japan, or have you left in Disgust at the NHS Barbaric Slurs

Dawn1976 1993 days ago

nice x

SelkieMB 1993 days ago

Seriously cool!

Lorling 1993 days ago

Are you going to play now?

weareafever 1993 days ago

INSECT DUELING SET!? i think the most impressive thing about this is probably the mat they provided. i gotta get one of these haha