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Too bad every Warped doesn't have this view.

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2630 days ago

Too bad every Warped doesn't have this view.


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SilverSurfing 2627 days ago

Calgary Warped now has the stunning view of a landfill. xD

sabrinacakesx3 2628 days ago

BEST SHOW EVER! going again next year for warped tour sweet 16 ;3

brevee24 2629 days ago

i cannot beleive i missed it this year D:

haley_yo 2629 days ago

Ha, Portland Warped has a great view of the airport...

delilahhopexoxo 2629 days ago

its so much more amazing in person(: we're lucky to have it.

ayshangelikaa 2630 days ago

the gorge

idogiam 2630 days ago


colleemo 2630 days ago

it's how we do it. :D

1angel_3 2630 days ago

OMG that's beautiful

raeraereptar 2630 days ago

i miss seattle. D:

patty3cake 2630 days ago

washington just does things better.

steelebrent44 2630 days ago

Gotta love the northwest

xoxoblakexoxo 2630 days ago

i wish the warped tour i went to had that view.

dannnnnnyyyyyyy 2630 days ago

awesome. is that the kevin says stage?

dudeitsbonnie 2630 days ago

omg that is beautiful

RUNAWAYMichaela 2630 days ago

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Thats amazin. Wish i could be there with you! ^^

isthereaghostx 2630 days ago

Woah, I wish the Warped date I went to had been like this.

hiimrosie 2630 days ago

if i got tickets thats were i would be:(
plus i live 45 mins away from there

Smamami 2630 days ago

Quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen. I'm jealous.

Ronks 2630 days ago

whoaa, amazing indeed.