I just snapped this photo in front of my home and thought that I would share a little “food for thought” with you all today. We as human can learn a lot from Canadian Geese and a number of other animal species. The human race is thought to be the most intelligent species on the face of the earth, but that may not hold true and the Canadian Goose maybe brighter than we are. Did you know that they are monogamous, and most couples stay together all of their lives? The male goose is very protective of his offspring’s, his family and will not leave them. He is also dedicated to his female mate for life and they raise their offspring’s “together” as a family unit. They also fly in a ‘V” shaped formation and take turns allowing each member of their flock to be the lead flyer. This says a lot about this breed of bird that is very commendable and honorable. CanadianGeese #Geese #Goose #FlockofGeese #BabyGeese #BrantaGeese #Canada #Family #FamilyFirst #TeamFamily #AnimalKingdom #Monogamous #Dedicated #TeamWork #AnimalRespect #PETA #RainyDayInAtlanta