Found Out That (Housing) Did Give Me My (3) Bedroom Certificate! So D-Man's "Seizure Room" Is Safe! I Have To Be Out Of Where I Live On April 30th @ Midnight & Can't Move Anywhere Until May 1st (Crazy!) Landlord Here Said, No 2 The (24) Hr. Extention. That Just Puts More Pressure On me, Cuz It Will Take (1) Day For (CPS) 2 Here D-Man Has No- Roof and There it All Goes To Hell! Yes, I Could Be SO POSITIVE That In 30 Days This Is All Going To Happen But I Am A Realist! It Didn't Take 30 Days To Get Into This Mess & It Has To Take 30 Days To Get Out! NOT GOOD ODDS!! Darius Came Home Early From School About 1:00pm With A Seizure <<<<<SUCKS>>>> Stephanie — feeling exhausted.