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Mo Ansar by LutherBlissetts

Mo Ansar believes that: European Jews are "largely" descended from early medieval Khazarian converts; Hitler is part-Jewish. He claims that the Khazar conspiracy theory is an "opposing academic view", and that refuting it is "pro-Zionist zealotry". He has promoted Freedman's Khazar conspiracy from the holocaust revisionist & anti-Semitic & Islamophobic website "". He has used far-right anti-Semite and close associate of hate-preacher Gerald K. Smith, Benjamin H. Freedman as his source to back up his repeated claim that Jesus wasn't Jewish. He has said that "Shiaism is ... well ... unislamic", and that the systematic ethnic cleansing of Hazara in Afghanistan and Balochistan (in Pakistan) is not a genocide. He has retweeted (at request) a blog which calls Ahmadi Islam a cult. Last but not least, he claims that these screengrabs, of his own words and views, are an attempt to smear him. #CognitiveDissonance