"What is a treasure" To one it may be silver, to another it may be gold, then turn the corner and you'll find one who thinks it's all the jewel's their hands or pockets can hold. To a mother it may be looking at their child as they lay asleep at night, to a father it maybe seeing his son throw his first football or teaching him how to ride a bike. At the end of a long road it maybe someone's life long dream come true. A doctor saving someone's life, a teacher providing the best tools of education that is possible to help a child advance. No matter young or old a treasure is something you hold on to forever. A treasure can be many things depending on what's inside of you. To me a treasure is when someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. Sharing a cup of tea with your very best friend and talk of old past times or having someone you can go to, a shoulder to cry on during difficult times. The joy of touching someone's life and having an impact on theirs and them on your