Rian stopped England newzeland game Hey, I am sharing a picture with you I wish it Would Rain Orange Juice By: Dax Opheikens Every day, Every single day I wish it would rain. Not water, but orange juice. I love orange juice. It is my favorite beverage. I loves me my orange juice. Every day, I walk outside And find nothing but gross, salty water. I want orange juice! I scream to the sky, "GIVE ME MY ORANGE JUICE!!!!!!" Nothing ever happens. I thought, Maybe the sky doesn't speak English. I try some Spanish, A little bit of Parseltongue, The Japanese, The Chinese, And the Portuguese. Nothing happens. Maybe if I dance , I thought. I tried every dance I could think of, Thriller, The sprinkler, even the Boots-skootin'-boogie, but the sky would not budge. I then thought, Maybe if I sacrificed something. I grabbed my best friend. I said "Sorry", and I stabbed him thirty-seven times. He ceased on living. Then upward, a voice boomed, "Thank you, young mortal. You have helped me feed my family tonight." Then the clouds started to part, and then a group of fluffy beings came down, and grabbed my bloody corpse of a friend. After the clouds returned to the sky, I heard young voices say, "Woo-hoo! Food!" The booming sky roared with victory thunder. And it rained. Orange juice.