March 13 and 14 were the birthdays of Rin Tezuka and Emi Ibarazaki, both from Katawa Shoujo. #KS

As an artist, Rin is an extremely creative person, and equally philosophical: it is not uncommon to spot her lost in thought, or giving voice to abstract opinions on man, the universe, and so on, with confounded friends or colleagues listening on. For her, art is the preferred and least confusing way of communication, and she dislikes putting it into words at least as much as others understand her opinions. 

An avid runner, Emi views her lack of legs with reckless abandon, exploiting her condition to its fullest in order to be the best of the best at track. As comes with such determination, Emi is exceptionally stubborn, often pushing herself (not to mention Hisao) too hard, resulting in more than the occasional trip to the Nurse, with whom she remains on good terms.