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male and female dark casters with face variant and Arcane cape

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784 days ago

male and female dark casters with face variant and Arcane cape


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Dan_X_Doa 779 days ago

Amazing.Can I have opinion on this :>? http://twitpic.com/dyg7i3

Rezaj_Imba 781 days ago

Good work :)

Rezaj_Imba 781 days ago

D best thing about it is dat it doesn't look entirely diff. from d original DC.Its really awesome

Rezaj_Imba 781 days ago

I really like these :3

V1nc3ntEDM 782 days ago

He could just do a gradient opacity shading like this: http://twitpic.com/dybmr6

tobyelite123 783 days ago

Will i be able to get both versions for legion tokens?

namillr 783 days ago

Into the birthday event ends it should stay into the end of the month

Cherudim012 783 days ago

how long will this be available?

namillr 784 days ago

Suggestor_AQW What's with you and cleavage......

Suggestor_AQW 784 days ago

Of course only the female version has cleavage... ;( But they're still awesome! Thanks Dage!

CoffeeTheropy 784 days ago

Hope this has a weapon...

namillr 784 days ago

MiItonius Why would you want another color? Maybe for other sets.

MiItonius 784 days ago

EPICCC! Only complaint I have is the hair is so gradient-hefty, it can't be CC.

MaximusCorvinus 784 days ago

The Original DC is more cool with black shirt & necklace..Make the locks non-AC or LT version

Kokujoe_AK 784 days ago

What a way to do justice to the original concept. Truly a masterpiece! Well done ^__^b

Coxy_XD 784 days ago

Never really care for the DCs before (despite they look nice), but this one, I really like it :)

DageTheEvil 784 days ago

this version of DC will go rare forever after the shop closes just FYI so if you miss out dont beg me to bring it back >:)

Veneeria_AQW 784 days ago

Loving it man.

DageTheEvil 784 days ago

yes there will a class and armor version of DC