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female dark caster prototype ( its not done yet)!

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1048 days ago

female dark caster prototype ( its not done yet)!


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nineball04 1047 days ago


nineball04 1047 days ago

yes namill It's awesome :D But how many LT Be the stuff? the class are 20000 but the other?

AmberLucyHyrule 1047 days ago

This looks awesome, can't wait to get it tomorrow.

PinwheelTen 1048 days ago

Wow the female set actually looks cooler than the male's :O

AlchemysFinest 1048 days ago

It looks great! Only thing I would think about is the face. Original DCC and DC Evo have nicer ones

namillr 1048 days ago

nineball04 if it's like the other armors he should add the helm and other stuff for legion tokens.

AssasainationAE 1048 days ago

This looks really awesome :D

nineball04 1048 days ago

AWESOME! , Dage this is your best creation <3 i love it but can make the evolved dark caster hair to legion tokens version

LunaKyuubi 1048 days ago

Looks fabulous! I will be proud to wear that for your legion! And the hair is perfect, so me!

Suggestor_AQW 1048 days ago

I rly think its unfair how only the girls get cleavage.Anywho, I think the leg looks weird on this.

namillr 1048 days ago

uh....well the hair could be longer btw.

AquaAE 1048 days ago

is the*euhum* chest not done yet? as you are obviously pointing toward it...