#Romania & ASPA hire murderers!! Dogcatchers are not satisfied with killing dogs only, they turned to HUMANS!
Yesterday, in Rahova, a part of Bucharest , on Nasaud street, dogcatchers entered on a private property to catch dogs. Nobody called them to catch those dogs, it was just their idea. What were they thinking? We go in, we corner the dogs, we catch them and we get 220 ron/dog (~50 euro/dog)
Easy money!
Of course the owners of the property noticed and made them go away. When running away, they HIT A MAN WITH THEIR CAR! They just hit this man that was passing by, with no intention of avoiding him!
Covered in blood, with his head broken, ran over by ASPAs car nr 8. the man was taken by the ambulance to a hospital.
We don't know yet if he survived!
Police and criminologists came at the scene.
What kind of people are you working from ASPA? Where are their skills?
Dog killers are becoming people killers!