Bancescu Razvan the mass killer from #Romania "our next OBJECTIVE is to catch 3 thousand dogs per month, in February we started sending dogcatchers to work in night shifts and even on weekends!" (see the face of an evil moron)

NOTHING about ABANDONMENT, NOTHING about SPAY/NEUTER- ASPA'S 2014 BUDGET: 33 million lei!! WHICH "VETERINARIANS" are handling the "ROMANIAN EUTHANASIA", WHERE is the LIST with the veterinarians performing the euthanasia of healthy dogs AS THE LAW STATES? VOTE FOR Oprescu Sorin for another mandate at the CAPITAL'S CITY HALL which through A.S.P.A. Bucharest started to "EUTHANIZE HEALTHY dogs- officially 187 healthy animals have been KILLED till now!! 

ASPA's budget for 2014 is 7.4 million euros!!!

They are sick sick people!!

Dogcatcher on work


See the Auschwitz concetration camp in Bucharest