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2604 days ago


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tamababii 2603 days ago

Have some booger! lmao! I forgot Jordan calls it that.

tamababii 2603 days ago

Pammiru, they aren't airheads..okay, so Jeff isn't an airhead. I think they're very cute together.

Ac10ryan 2603 days ago

hot damn! god I love Jeff and Jordan. They are soo made for each other. I hope they make it to the final two, even if they don't know what the means. :) lol jk jk. Coop de tat? the what? . . . A Harmonica. :P So cute.

ItsJadeAshley 2603 days ago

Hahaha man iF iWas her iWould be do'n da same thIng Jeff iS wow!

dalbyz 2604 days ago

I would have some sexual tension too, if I was in the house and would hit on Jeff too. He is FLY

pammiru 2604 days ago

2 air heads

mhtsu01 2604 days ago

Get it girl!!! !

phil_robinson 2604 days ago

Jordan should just give it up and have some booger...

jennco93 2604 days ago

Get it GUURL! ; D

pretty_lady89 2604 days ago

i think i would have some sexual tension too if i were here... lol.