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2746 days ago


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steelerfan2002 2745 days ago

i agree she is a racist!! my husband is in the military and has done 3 overseas tours trust me he knows that a terrorist is she wouldn't make it 3 days in the military!!! She thinks she is soo strong yeah right crazy ass bitch is what she is ... she is ju

missmonie 2745 days ago

Stay there! Thats your best look yet. I dont have to look at that scary top lip! I wanted her to go home week 1. Ugly female inside & out.

quick5pnt0 2745 days ago

What a hypocrite she is. Last week she was toturing Russel while he was on the block and now she is a big crybaby in the same position. Not much of a shock though, most racists are hypocrites.

quick5pnt0 2745 days ago

Glad Chima is on the block. She is a good for nothing racist bitch.

momof31 2746 days ago

Michelle is my hero.....hehehe

uncuttfunk 2746 days ago

Yah! Michelle came thru! Chima sucks blue whale's father and makes the house a total drag.

jennco93 2746 days ago

BooHoo! It's just a game...REMEMBER! I don't care which one of them goes but at least with her gone we won't have to listen to her voice!

Kalissong 2746 days ago

Thank Goodness, Maybe now we will have a week free of her diarehea mouth

aj82lo 2746 days ago

peekaboo chia pet, we see you...out the door!

mslinda97 2746 days ago

I would love to see someone go to the picture wall tonight after everyone is sleeping and put black ribbons and RIP over Jessies picture!

KatSumner 2746 days ago

she needs to go home...all of her big lips, big hair and shiny forehead of hers.

dabeadlady 2746 days ago

she sux...go home...bye, bye!!!

frankiesmallman 2746 days ago

omg I can"t stand her!!!

pvthudson 2746 days ago

God she is so damn annoying...please GOD don't let her win Veto

kaygmck 2746 days ago