IMPORTANT! #Romania See how animal rescuer was treated by shelter staff in Auschwitz concentrations camp in #Bucharest !! This message is addressed to all people from Romania and from abroad who sent reservation or adoption requests for the dogs posted on this page. Thank you for taking action! I’m really sorry I couldn’t help everybody and save as many dogs as possible from the Mihailesti shelter.

My access was banned in Bragadiru, Pallady and Mihailesti because of my questions regarding two dogs: one with a broken paw and one found dead in a cage.

I’m going to present you a clear abuse case committed by the ASPA employees and police. I do not accuse the police of being in collusion with the ASPA criminals, but of incompetence and ill will when it comes to prosecuting the illegalities in which I was both witness and injured party. When I inquired why the dog with a broken paw didn’t receive any medical attention, one of the staff ladies asked me very defiantly and provocatively why I didn’t adopt him. When I insisted in getting an answer and started filming her, this lady (named Mihaela, from what I understood), became aggressive, then went to her office and ordered the staff to throw me away. A dog catcher, known for his violent behaviour, assaulted and dragged me to the door. I opposed them, so they failed to throw me out. I went to the office where the employee named Mihaela was hiding and asked her where the body of the dead dog was. She wanted to close the door, but I blocked it with my boot. When she saw that I was filming her, she tried to hide behind the door, while the guard called the police.

These are the standard procedures used by the staff from Mihailesti when bothered by inconvenient questions: they either intimidate people or pose as victims. They don’t want a dialogue with us, believing that they are intangible and above the law. The police agents Nicusor Surche and Ionut Calin arrived very quickly at the shelter, ready to intimidate and approbate me. Their routine was broken when I announced that I was filming the event and asked them to do their job professionally. I told them that I have pictures and videos of the dead dog’s body. They entered Mihaela’s office and spent around 7-8 minutes in there. When they returned, they asked me and the people I was with to leave and wait for the investigation result. Mrs. Mihaela had the nerve to accuse me of aggression, forgetting that I recorded the entire event.

In the meantime, the controversial “vet” Constantin Viespe arrived. He is the one suspected of managing the entire dog killing activity from Mihailesti. The police agents didn’t want to fine me or even create a record of the event. I assume they just wanted to hush up everything. We went with them to the Mihailesti police headquarters, asking their commander to investigate further. He approved and on our way back we saw the “vet” Constantin Viespe leaving the shelter in his personal car. The question is: was he WITH or WITHOUT the dead dog’s body?

Back to the shelter, we were kept outside in the freezing air, while the police agents spent around 40 minutes inside. The investigation did not take place as we requested and the record was signed by the people who found the dead dog. I wasn’t invited to sign, though I was an injured party in this event. When we arrived at the police headquarters, the commander was not there anymore, so we signed a complaint.

The ASPA management reacted immediately and banned ME FROM ENTERING THE SHELTERS. We are all appalled and horrified by the actions of these “authorities” who kill innocent creatures and break the law without fear of any consequences. They do not care about the people they pretend to protect or the animals they are supposed to take care of. They treat the public goods as their own, sharing the money with their private sector partners.

We want everybody to find out the TRUTH, especially people from abroad. Knowing about these illegalities, you can raise your voice and ask the international organizations to take action. We can present convincing evidence of the criminal activities performed by some official representatives from our country. We have to fight together in order to abolish this criminal law and prosecute all the guilty individuals.

I told you all this not in order to complain, but to let you know the reason for which my initiative of rescuing and promoting as many dogs as possible on the Facebook page SAVE OUR SOULS has been stopped abruptly. Your numerous and prompt reactions persuaded me of the utility and necessity of this project and I strongly believe that the dogs sentenced to death can be saved and offered a new life by being promoted in this way. Even if I have been banned abusively, I am following all the legal procedures so that it is suspended as fast as possible. I am going to carry on this process of saving the dogs threatened by death and I put the page SAVE OUR SOULS at the disposal of all of you who want to get involved by going to the public shelters to film and take photos of the dogs which are close to the 14 working day delay.

My goal is to form a team of at least 3 persons who shall go to the three public shelters in order to film the thousands of dogs whose lives depend on us. You don’t need cutting-edge technology! I used a smartphone with a memory card of 16 Gb, but 4 or 8 Gb will also do.

To my knowledge, the largest part of the dogs I filmed have been already killed! It is up to us to stop these mass killings in the near future! We can and we must get organized as well as possible to snatch from the claws of death these innocent beings who cannot stand for their rights, cannot defend themselves and totally rely on our efforts to save them and afford them a new life next to kind-hearted human beings!

Here the two dogs, one death, one with broken paw

Here the Auschwitz concentration camp MIHAILESTI

Here the HITLER Sorin Oprescu