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10 Biggest Right-Wing Idiots This Week (Not Even Including Arizona Homophobes) 


"Putting aside all of the nutjob reactions to the veto of Arizona’s crazy anti-gay law, some of which were chronicled here, right wingers were still plenty busy mouthing off this week.

1. Pat Buchanan: 'Repeal all civil rights laws, segregate gays.' Poor Patty was feeling a bit ignored of late, so he kicked off the week with a doozy of a column melodramatically titled “How Freedom Dies.” Springboarding from the kerfuffle around all the exciting anti-gay legislation, the conservative bigot, er, pundit, proposed that the U.S. repeal all its civil rights laws. “A radical idea: Suppose we repealed the civil rights laws and fired all the bureaucrats enforcing these laws,” Buchanan wrote. “Does anyone think hotels, motels and restaurants across Dixie, from D.C. to Texas, would stop serving black customers? Does anyone think there would again be signs sprouting up reading 'whites' and 'colored' on drinking foundations and restrooms?”...