as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

just some of the items and bosses i have made for my birthday event :D more to come!

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1013 days ago

just some of the items and bosses i have made for my birthday event :D more to come!


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Ogma232 1011 days ago

Happy Deathday!!! Could you please make all the horsemen armors acs and non-member? It's okay if the armors are expensive like 1500 acs or more, so long as its non member. I would like to be able to wear the even if membership expires.

AEgamer5001 1011 days ago

please just make it so that the white(conquest) is a 1% non mem armor all other mem or ac

Rezaj_Imba 1011 days ago

The mini Caladbolg on it is such a waste XD All other Paragon pets had at least 3 quests XD

Rezaj_Imba 1011 days ago

Would it be possible to add a quest in the Hardcore Paragon that gives a battle pet version?

DageTheEvil 1013 days ago

in this shop i have poured my cruelty, my malice and my will to dominate . one release to rule them all >:D hopefully you get the reference lol :D

Veneeria_AQW 1013 days ago

I wouldn't ever be able to do that much. Awesome job dude.

DageTheEvil 1013 days ago

lesser caladbolg will be obtained through the new paragon pet

DageTheEvil 1013 days ago

all of the Horsemen will drop armor versions that will fit the player model that will most likely be able to be purchased for ACs or very low drop rates

DageTheEvil 1013 days ago

you will be able to get a non animated lesser version of caladbold weapon from the new paragon pet, vedy little lag yesh? ohhh yesh!