HOLOCAUST in #Romania !! The HITLER of #Giurgiu Barbu Nicolae let these dogs starve to death in the public shelter. No water, no food, also puppies.
Animal rescuer take food to the shelter, but the people don't feed the dogs. It's a big Auschwitz concentration camp there, in this Ausschwitz camp.
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See the pic from starving dogs.
Last update:
Today I was in public shelter,they left me take 4 dogs, but you can not imagine what I see,many dogs starveds, without hope in the eyes, without chances for go out!!! They dont wan't let me feed dogs because they want left dies from starveds!!! Public shelter is like a hell for dogs in this moment!!! Last year for us was a big success in what way was looks that public shelter and in what way was looks dogs but now, is hell for dogs!!!! Shame on you mayor, shame on all who can change something and dont want do this, they want keep they jobs with price to lifes from dogs!!! SHAME ON ALL!!!
This is the fat pig Barbu Nicolae, who eat a lot, and let dogs starve to death!! He's the scum of the world!!